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Prior to scheduling your first appointment, we will have a complimentary phone consultation. During this brief consultation, we will discuss what you are looking to gain from therapy, and we will provide an overview of our integrated approach of psychodynamic, supportive, and cognitive-behavioral therapies. Schedule a free phone consultation HERE

Office hours for therapy appointments: Mon through Fri, 9am -3pm


Jennifer Burleson, LCSW is an in-network provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield.


For other insurances, she can help you understand your out of network benefits and coverage, and offers assistance in submission of out of network claims. During your phone consultation, we will discuss the various options, and she will assist you to verify coverage and benefits prior to your first appointment, if applicable.  

Schedule a free phone consultation HERE

Email or fill out the form below for more information (please include insurance info).  


Together we will make a plan that works for you! 


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